Get a Sharps Container to Dispose of Waste Properly in Flushing, MI

Sharp objects are a safety hazard that needs to be disposed of carefully. You can’t just throw them away and put others at risk of accidentally getting cut with a possibly contaminated blade. At CSP Medical Waste Solutions, we can deliver a sharps container to your business in Flushing, MI, and take it away once it’s full.

Our medical waste disposal containers are marked with a safety line to prevent overfill, and they also have air-sealed lids to prevent microscopic contaminants from coming out. This component will keep your employees and patients safe at all times, even when they are full. Each container has a tracking number associated with its corresponding landfill.

Determine the Size of Your Sharps Containers

Our Prices Include Disposal Cost

Our sharps containers vary in size because we know all the medical fields are different. Thanks to our years of experience, we can help you determine how much space you need. For example, a pharmacy that gives flu vaccines needs a one or 2-gallon container during flu season, and the rest of the year, they can go with a 1-quart container. It all depends on your daily activities, and we can perfectly adapt to your needs.

These are the prices of our biohazard containers:

  • 2-Gallon Container–$10
  • 1-Quart Container–$8.46
  • 1-Gallon Container–$8.96
  • 6-Gallon Container –$22.15
  • 11-Gallon Container–$28.97
  • 25-Gallon Bag–$6.00 (max 2 lb wt)
  • 45-Pound Box–$45.00
  • 8-Gallon Waste Bucket–$17.28
  • Sharps Awareness Stickers–$5.00

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Get a Sharps Container

Right now, we are offering great deals! If you are looking for a sharps container in Flushing, MI, reach out to us and learn more about our process. Our prices include the cost of new empty replacements and waste destruction.

Take advantage of our special prices:

  • Tattoo Container–$6.42
  • Doctor/Dentist Container–$9.31
  • Hotel Waste Tub Special–$45.00

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