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Our organization, CSP Medical Waste Solutions, specializes in gathering and correctly discarding medical waste. We are an environmentally conscious company. The level of pollution observed near the Great Lakes has been alarming. We decided that this was the reason for starting our company because medical waste can bring a variety of pollutants and infections into our water systems. Through our disposal services, we acquired environmental responsibility, which we intend to impart to our customers. We initially served pharmacies and nursing homes when we first opened for business, and today we can assist clients in Flint, MI.

A Safe and Effective Disposal System

We’ll Complete the Task for You

Our trash removal services have been proven to be cost-effective and protect your property from the harm that untreated medical waste may cause. We promise to handle the disposal procedure, leaving you free to focus on your work.

When you use our service, we give you a sharps container that we can size according to the amount of waste you anticipate producing. Toxins or pathogens cannot seep out of the container and enter the environment. We will send a pickup staff to take up your disposal containers at a predetermined time once every 90 days. While we report any problems with the disposal process, you can continue working. To ensure everything goes safely, we use sites and protocols that have been certified and approved.

A Safe Environment With No Leaks

Maintain a Tidy Workplace

We provide a licensed and effective disposal service that eliminates any potential risks associated with medical waste. Our sharps container disposal process is protected and continuously monitored by expert personnel to avoid potential leaks and mishaps. After successfully collecting it, we incinerate your medical waste, and the ensuing air is 99.9% clean. It guarantees that all risks in the material have been eliminated. Other industries then recycle the resultant waste to make their products. If you run a medical facility in Flint, MI, you can contact our experts to learn more about our disposal services. We also have options for cleaning amalgam waste containers and pharmaceutical waste disposal.

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