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Medical waste disposal is an indispensable service ensuring environmental safety. CSP Medical Waste Solutions emerged after observing sharp medical objects endangering the pristine waters of Lake Erie. Being passionate Michigan inhabitants, we deeply resonate with the necessity of shielding the Great Lakes from pollutants. Initially focusing on pharmacies and nursing homes, our reach has now expanded to Drayton Plains, MI. With our meticulous methods, CSP Medical Waste Solutions ensures the environment remains uncontaminated.

Integrated Medical Waste Collection System

Tailored Disposal for Optimal Convenience

Companies generating medical waste seek reliable allies. Entrusting CSP Medical Waste Solutions with this responsibility means you can channel your energies to core operations. Our provision of a sharps container is designed to safely enclose medical waste, thereby preventing unintended hazards. Whether yearly or when filled, we promise timely retrieval of these containers, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

Among the services we’re delighted to offer are:

  • Sharps container disposal
  • OSHA training
  • Amalgam waste disposal
  • Pharmaceutical waste disposal
  • And more!

Opt For Expertise in Medical Waste Disposal

Upholding Your Safety and Trust

At CSP Medical Waste Solutions, we prioritize safety and operational excellence. Our sharps container disposal is renowned for its proactive stance against medical waste pollution. To match varied needs, we offer containers of diverse sizes, all built to guard against possible airborne threats. Our dedicated team schedules a pick-up every 90 days, ensuring safe and proper medical waste disposal. With a wealth of experience behind us, we stand by our promise of zero leakages during usage or transit. Furthermore, our processing ensures a remarkable 99.9% air quality. Subsequent to disposal, the residual waste is adeptly converted into energy or utilized by other sectors. For unmatched services in Drayton Plains, MI, reach out today!

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