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We started CSP Medical Waste Solutions after discovering that dozens of sharp medical objects were being dumped into Lake Erie. As a professional living in Michigan, we learned to take care of the Great Lakes and keep the water supply free from pollution and hazards. Our company is the culmination of our efforts to prevent further pollution and to teach our clients about proper disposal methods. We started exclusively serving pharmacies, and nursing homes and now have expanded our services to Saginaw, MI. Our main goal is to keep the environment consistently safe and free from potential pollutants.

A Proper Medical Waste Collection System

We Dispose It for You

We provide cost-efficient and secure services for businesses that generate medical waste. Our services will ensure that we will let you focus on your job instead of wasting time on your disposal. When you get our help, we provide a sharps container that can safely contain your disposed medical waste without leaking danger to its surroundings. Once it’s filled or on a yearly scheduled date, we will pick up your container at a conveniently set time. You can continue working while we assess and report the situation throughout the process. We only use certified and approved protocols and locations, so we assure you that our services won’t disappoint.

Prevent Bad Air Quality with Our Disposal Service

Your Safety is Our Biggest Concern

Our sharps container disposal is a certified and efficient service that prevents medical waste pollution and a waste of expenses. We provide containers of the right size to fit the projected amount of waste, which are secured to prevent airborne hazards. Our team will pick up your container every 90 days for later medical waste disposal. We are experienced in our job, so we can ensure that your containers will never leak when used or picked up for disposal. At CSP Medical Waste Solutions, we aim to safely dispose of and destroy all disposed wastes with 99.9% air quality. Afterward, the residual material is recycled to generate energy or reused by other industries. Call our specialists in Saginaw, MI, to get our waste disposal services today!

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