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Medical waste disposal is a critical service required for maintaining the purity of our environment. The inception of CSP Medical Waste Solutions was a response to witnessing sharp medical objects polluting Lake Erie. As Michigan residents, we understand the importance of preserving the Great Lakes from pollutants and hazards. The company originated from serving pharmacies and nursing homes, but now it extends its professional services to Clarkston, MI. With CSP Medical Waste Solutions, the environment is always safeguarded against potential pollutants.

Comprehensive Medical Waste Collection System

Seamless Disposal for Your Needs

Businesses that produce medical waste need a trustworthy partner. With CSP Medical Waste Solutions, you focus on your primary job, leaving the waste disposal to us. We provide a sharps container tailored to hold medical waste securely, ensuring no harm leaks out. On an annual basis or once the container is full, we facilitate its collection at a time convenient for you.

Among the services we’re delighted to offer are:

  • Sharps container disposal
  • OSHA training
  • Amalgam waste disposal
  • Pharmaceutical waste disposal
  • And more!

Choose Specialists for Your Medical Waste Disposal Needs

Prioritizing Your Safety

Safety and efficiency are paramount at CSP Medical Waste Solutions. Our sharps container disposal service stands out by proactively preventing medical waste pollution and unnecessary costs. We provide optimally sized containers, ensuring security against potential airborne hazards. Every 90 days, our expert team will retrieve your container for proper medical waste disposal. Leveraging our vast experience, we guarantee no leakages during use or collection. Our commitment goes beyond just disposal; we ensure 99.9% air purity while processing the waste. The residual material post-processing is then either transformed into energy or repurposed for other industrial uses. Contact our specialists in Clarkston, MI, for impeccable waste disposal services today!

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