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Our company, CSP Medical Waste Solutions, is an environmentally sensitive business that focuses on collecting and properly disposing of medical waste. It has been concerning to witness the amount of pollution that can be seen around the Great Lakes. Medical waste can introduce various toxins and pathogens into our water systems, and we determined this as our motivation to create our company. We learned to take care of our environment through our disposal services and plan to teach this to our clients. When we started our business, we served pharmacies and nursing homes, and now we finally serve clients in Bay City, MI.

A Secure and Efficient Disposal System

We’ll Do the Work for You

Our waste disposal services are proven efficient on the bills and secure your property from the effects of untreated medical waste. We guarantee that we will perform the disposal process, so you are free to work on your job.
When you get our service, we provide a sharps container that we can adjust in size depending on your projected waste generation. The container is safe and secure to prevent toxins or pathogens from leaking into the environment. Every 90 days, we will send a pickup crew to collect your disposal containers at a set time. You can keep working while we report any issues on the disposal process. We use locations and protocols that are certified and approved to ensure maximum safety in the process.

No Leakages and a Safe Environment

Let’s Keep Your Working Space Clean

We offer a certified and efficient disposal service that prevents the possible hazards concerning medical waste. Our sharps container disposal process is secured and supervised closely by an experienced team to prevent possible leakages and accidents. When we successfully collect your medical waste, we incinerate it with a resulting air quality of 99.9%. This secures a complete elimination of all hazards in the material. The resulting residue is then recycled by other industries for their own products. If you are a medical business in Bay City, MI, you can contact our specialists to learn more about our disposal services.

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