Medical Waste Removal Service:
Keeping the World Greener
for Future Generations!

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Certified Waste Collection Technicians in Flushing, Michigan

At CSP Medical Waste Solutions in Flushing, Michigan, we employ certified technicians to deliver and pickup[sharps containers] for your needles and lancets and ensure proper medical waste disposal occurs. It’s a service our family-operated company loves to perform to keep our environment in great shape for years to come.

About Us
We opened shop in the summer of 1998 after dozens of sharps containers were dumped into Lake Erie. Given Michigan’s reputation for its Great Lakes, we decided to start our company and work to prevent medical waste pollution and prevent further pollution to the Earth’s water supply. Our initial clients were nursing homes and pharmacies, but we have since grown by leaps and bounds always with one goal in mind — keeping our environment GREEN for all future generations….

Maintaining Your Trust
We want you to feel comfortable using our biohazardous waste collection and disposal service. Here are the biggest features of our fully-documented Quality Assurance Program:

• Providing You with 3-Ring Policy & Procedure Manual which includes State of Michigan Regulations
• Waste Collection & Disposal Processes All Overseen by a Graduate Chemist & Bacteriologist
• A Routine Truck & Warehouse Sterilization Practice
• Sharp Container Verification (Inspecting for Air-Tight Locking Lids & No Contamination)
• Professional Technician Training in Safe Handling

Hands, Certified Technicians in Flushing, MI

Medical Waste Training & Documentation
• Upgrade Technical Training as Laws Change
• Quality assurance forms are always available on request.

Our Technicians
Our well-trained crew ensures you get the proper waste disposal containers and follow state guidelines to pick them up when filled. We are happy to address any questions you have.

Red Containers, Certified Technicians in Flushing, MI

Our Billing
We accurately bill our services at the end of each month. The final destination of all sharps containers are sent by mail with your bill for your assurance.

To learn more about our eco-friendly biohazard collection and
disposal service, contact our office in Flushing, Michigan, today.